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Waterproof shower pan floors

## Ensuring Watertight Shower Pans: ANSI Standards and Schluter Solutions

At Betts Designs Renovations, we take shower waterproofing seriously. A properly constructed shower pan is critical for preventing leaks and water damage. Let's look at the key ANSI specifications for tile shower pans and how we use Schluter products to exceed those standards.

### ANSI Requirements for Shower Pans

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets important guidelines for shower pan construction:

- Shower pans must have a minimum 2% slope to the drain[1]

- Pans require a waterproof liner extending at least 3 inches up the walls[1]

- Liners should be a minimum of 40 mils thick[1]

### Our Preferred Method: Schluter-KERDI

While traditional shower pans using PVC liners can meet ANSI standards, we prefer the Schluter-KERDI system for superior waterproofing:

- KERDI waterproofing membrane bonds directly to the mortar bed and tile

- Seamless integration with Schluter drains eliminates weak points

- Extends fully up shower walls for complete waterproofing

Schluter-KERDI shower system

### Benefits of the Schluter System

- Exceeds ANSI waterproofing requirements

- Eliminates risk of water penetrating between liner and mortar bed

- Allows for larger format tiles with fewer grout lines

- Mold and mildew resistant

By using Schluter products and following proper installation techniques, we ensure your shower is built to last. Our certified installers take pride in constructing watertight, worry-free showers that will look great for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your shower renovation project!


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