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Accessories for your shower when renovating with Betts Designs Renovations

When selecting accessories for your shower, consider your bathroom's overall style and color scheme.

Here are some suggested items:

• Shower curtain - Choose a fabric shower curtain or an easy-to-clean PVC shower curtain;

• Showerhead - There are a variety of designs, including rainfall, massage, and handheld;

• Shower shelves - Add convenient storage with a shower caddy, corner shelf, or removable basket;

• Shower accessories - Choose from a variety of soap dishes, towel racks, and toiletry holders;

• Shower mat - Add comfort and safety with a non-slip, cushioned bath mat;

• Shower door - Choose a sliding or swing-style door in your preferred material (metal, plastic, or glass);

• Shower enclosure - Consider a shower enclosure if you have the space and budget;

• Shower faucets - Select a water flow system, shower handle,

and trim that complements your shower head and mixers;

• Shower head filters - Add a filtering system to remove chlorine and other contaminants from your water;

• Shower sprayers - Choose from a handheld sprayer or a built-in wall-mounted sprayer;

• Shower enclosure lighting - Add overhead or recessed lighting and/or a shower fan to brighten up your shower area;

• Shower timer - Install a timer to help conserve water and energy;

• Curtain liner - Hang a waterproof liner inside your curtain to help prevent mold growth.


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